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Here’s K9 on the playa!

k9 on the playa

Published August 6th, 2014 by

I had a bit of a stealth workday today. I wanted to get a few things further along before the crew descends on my studio again on Thursday. Of course, the body is currently on backwards but that can always be fixed.

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We had another great work day today. In additional to regular crew of Treee, Rudy, Max, Mary and Moose, we were joined by Ian and Jay. More progress was made on the bottom internal frame for K9.

Moose, Treee and Mary spent some time on an distantly related project – sewing panels for the camp’s chill dome.

Published July 31st, 2014 by

We spent time in the studio this evening working on K9. And the we has grown by three more people – Treee from London and my nephews Rudy and Max from New York. Their help was absolutely fantastic to have!

The sound system is coming along as well as progress on the internal frame. Sadly, we had a small accident whereby Treee learned the hard way that small metal edges are sharp. She left a small bit of herself on the shop floor and we’ll memorialize it in suitable fashion.



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We had our first official K9 work day today. It seems that we’re now around 3 1/2 weeks out from Burning Man and while a bunch of design work has been done, not much else. That’s just gotta change and today was the day to get started working to morph the cart. We spent the day removing the cab, cutting off the back 12-ish inches of the body and creating a simple mockup of the┬ádesign to see how it looks.

Pulling the cab off was an interesting challenge. Each of the wires connecting to the control panel had to be disconnected, fed through a hole in the cab frame and connected again. With a little luck, everything will still work as expected!

Cab Cart w/o Cab



With the cab off, the back 12-ish” of the body could be cut off. Thanks to the wonders of a plasma cutter, that was reasonably easy to do. Except for the part where I didn’t cut through everything and had to go back again to find it.

Back of cart cut off


While I was mucking about with the plasma cutter, Moose and Mary went on a shopping trip to pick up fabric for the shell. Yeah, that’s right it’s going to be fabric and not aluminum. We just decided on that change. By using fabric instead of aluminum, we’ll be able to radically illuminate K9 from the inside for night driving. It’ll make him glow as he’s driving around the playa. Should be way cool. (The cloth shown here seems darker than it actually is.)

Fabric trial


Here’s a shot of the frame mockup we did using some titanium poles that I had laying about. It gives us a sense of the scale of the car.

Frame Mockup



Moose is a bit anxious to get this finished so we can drive it on the playa!

Moose at the Wheel

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We had a great opportunity today to talk about the K9 Mark IV-BM project at The Crucible’s Playa Bound. Thanks to all the people who stopped by and talked about the project. And to everyone who contributed and signed up to help build him!

K9 at Playa Bound

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The base cart for K9 has arrived!

k9 mark iv-bm base front k9 mark iv-bm base rear

It’s a Taylor-Dunn B2-10 burden hauler with a 6 HP electric motor. Top speed is 11MPH and it can carry 2,400#. Should be perfect for cruising around with a K9 body attached.

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The Indiegogo crowd funding campaign was a great success. Thanks to everyone who contributed, we raised $2,871 to help create K9 Mark IV-BM. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of of our friends, family and community. Thank you all!


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Here’s a video from the members of the Burning Man QCCB Camp:


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We’ve done it! The K9 Mark IV-BM art car lives, our minimum funding level has been reached!

A very big thank you to all our funders.

And a small request, help us get to the stretch goals by promoting to project to your friends and family.